Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, "Digital", has become the new normal. Children's playground has become a desktop and the office cubicles have gone work-from-home. Daily Video conferences have become a routine now. Even entertainment became device dependant. All this has pushed the Humankind to an advanced Digital Age. However, binging all day with a popcorn tub in the lap really made us forget what learning and having fun, outside the screen actually felt like!

    All this while, in these challenging times we've realised that the only way forward is stepping back, "Back to Basics" as many say. Dharohar Institute of Folk Arts (India) have always focused on preserving and promoting India's cultural heritage and the civilisational ethos. DIFA has had the opportunity to tutor and train students of all ages, the Indian Folk Dance(s), Folk Music, as well as Arts and Crafts. The same efforts and learnings are being put in by our team of authentic folk artistes to impart dance lessons online.

    Led by Himani Joshi (Co-Founder and CEO) with 12 years of experience in folk arts, theatre and public speaking on various commendable stages, DIFA team comprises of numerous folk dancers and musicians from various communes and spheres of life. The significance of these folk dance classes has always been the authenticity of the respective art forms.

    The goal is to promote and propagate the importance of traditional folk dances and other art forms, in social and moral fabric of the Indian way of life.

    The Institute, through it's efforts in online dance classes, also thrives to create awareness about the loss of livelihood the Folk artistes all over India, had to suffer. Thus creating new opportunities for them.

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